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mattress grid topper

Why should you invest in a grid topper?

Tossing and turning in bed when you want to sleep can be frustrating after a long day. We want our bed to be extremely comfortable and supportive enough to slip into slumber. Sometimes our bed or mattress just does not feel right! It is either too soft that you sink into it or too hard that you can not feel the comfort of sleeping on the mattress. Furthermore, when you use your mattress for a long period of time, your mattress loses its shape and firmness, or sags in the middle, or gets wear and tear in different places — making it inconvenient for good sleep. If this is the case with your current mattress and you do not have the budget to purchase a new mattress at the moment. Then why not consider a mattress topper based on your preferences?

 Believe it or not but compromising your mattress and sleep quality is not at all healthy. A grid topper/mattress topper is a great way to fix your mattress situation on a budget and allows you to have the great comfort that you want from your bed. 

However, there are a lot of people out there who are clueless about using a mattress topper. Anyone can be puzzled by the following questions – what they actually are, what varieties are offered, and when one should get them. In order to provide you with a better understanding, this article discusses all features of mattress toppers.

What is a mattress topper? 

A mattress topper is only an addition to a mattress that gives it new life. It is a layer that can be removed, and its thickness is specifically 1 to 3 inches. To give additional padding and support, a mattress topper is placed on top of the mattress top. An excellent substitute for buying a new mattress is a mattress topper. While some mattress toppers may just lie on the surface of the mattress, others might be equipped with straps to keep them from shifting.

Why should you get that?

A mattress topper is often used to overcome the shortcoming of your mattress. The two main purposes of opting for a mattress topper are: 

a) Provides padding for a mattress that is either excessively hard or too soft 

b) Helps in extending the usage of your mattress by imparting an extra layer on the top

Let’s look at how a mattress topper can help solve some of the shortcomings of a poor mattress: 

1. When your mattress is too warm

Ideally, a mattress should be cool enough for you to fall asleep faster. As lower temperatures tend to make you feel more lousy and droopy. Several mattress toppers can help keep you cool all night long. A decent topper will have tiny holes carefully positioned throughout to promote optimal airflow. Your body heat can be released with the use of a cooling mattress topper, allowing you to sleep more easily.

2. When your mattress is too cold

It can be hard to fall asleep if your mattress is too chilly for your liking and you end up shivering in your bed all night. A mattress topper can act as an insulating layer between you and your mattress to protect you from the cold. This grid can also provide extra cushioning for you to sleep better. 

3. When your mattress is too soft 

In case your mattress is too soft for sleeping and it sinks as soon you lie down. A mattress topper extends the life of your mattress by adding three inches of depth, keeping your neck and back comfortably supported.

4. When your mattress is very firm

If you are sleeping on a really firm mattress, it can affect your back and sleep as well. For this reason, a foam topper for a mattress is the perfect addition. This will give your bed the plush cushiony feel when you lie down on it.

5. When your mattress has lost its shape

Your older mattresses gradually lose their shape and begin to sag. To amp up your mattress and extend its usage, get a grid mattress topper. With an additional layer of padding on your mattress, you will be able to sleep more comfortably with enhanced support. 

What should you consider when buying a topper? 

There are a few that you must consider when you are looking out to purchase a mattress topper online. Here we have listed a few that you can consider before purchasing one for yourself: 

1. Types 

The mattress industry has a variety of mattress topper options available for you to choose from. The popular choices that are available in the Indian market are: 

  • Memory foam: This type of mattress trooper is backed by cutting-edge technology in sleep solutions. It offers a great deal of comfort and support. It distributes the weight equally and cradles the body while it is at rest.
  • Latex foam: A latex foam topper comforts and conforms to your body without any uncomfortable heat. It is less likely to give you hot, restless evenings since it has small openings all around that allow heat to escape from the mattress.

2. Dimensions 

Use a measuring tape to take the correct measurements before you buy a topper. To be sure you’re getting the optimal combination of comfort and usefulness consider: Thickness and height of the topper.

3. Density and size

The density of foam mattress toppers determines how well they perform based on their density.   More support is provided by a topping with a higher density compared to one with a lower density.  The level for topping density are: Low, medium and high

Livpure grid topper comes in a wide range of sizes and densities, allowing the customer to pick one based on their preference and requirement. Give your mattress the extra few inches with Livpure’s high-quality topper available at an affordable price.

Final words

Making your perfect sleeping environment begins with your bed. While a topper won’t completely replace a damaged mattress, it can be an inexpensive method to extend its life. A mattress topper can hide flaws in your mattress and keep you comfortable while you sleep. Picking the right mattress topper can even keep back pains and aches at bay. This is great investment to make before you start looking to replace your mattress. 


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