Tips to Protect your Mattress during Monsoon

Tips to Protect your Mattress during Monsoon

As the blissful monsoon season is almost knocking at your doorstep, it’s time for every household to start preparing for the seasonal essentials and plan for some hot and delicious chai-pakoda munchies. Monsoon brings soothing relief from the scorching summer heat. It’s a blessing from mother nature that controls the rising mercury level considerably. As we all gear up to embrace climatic respite during monsoons, it is important to make a quick health check of our home interiors especially the mattresses. During monsoons, a mattress is one of the vital home commodities that need special care because it becomes vulnerable to bugs moulds and mildews attack due to excessive humidity in the environment. This may affect your plan for a peaceful goodnight sleep and stress-free afternoon siestas.

Here are some tips for mattress care ensuring its protection during the monsoon season:

  • Removable mattress protectors: Always use removable mattress protector covers that prevents dust and damp to reside on the mattresses during monsoon season. These protectors are easily washable and available with high-quality features.
  • Dehumidifiers and Air purifiers: A dehumidifier as the name suggests is used to control the humidity level, which can prevent specks of dusts, bugs, mildews, moulds from growing on the mattresses. Similarly, an air purifier disinfects the air by filtering the microorganisms present in the air and circulating purified air to a greater extent.
  • Use Baking Soda: Sprinkling baking soda on the entire mattress surface can help in eliminating the odor. Baking soda is an absorbing and deodorization agent. It absorbs excess moisture in the atmosphere minimizing the growth of odor-generating bacteria in the air.
  • Change bed linen frequently: Keep changing your bed linen frequently. It is one of the primitive steps for mattress care. Clean linens have minimal chance of causing microbial growth in the mattresses.
  • Exposure to sunlight: Let your mattresses taste the sunlight whenever possible during the monsoon days. It might be available on rare occasions, but exposure to the sunlight can act as a natural disinfectant and deters microbial infestation.
  • Mattress flipping: Reverse your mattresses occasionally. This will ensure that both sides of the mattress get treated similarly and restrict the growth of germs in any of the lone side.
  • Air conditioners and fans: Air circulation is very important during monsoon season. It is recommended to leave your fan/air conditioner on for some time because it helps in the free air passage and refrains microbes from infecting the mattresses.
  • No room fresheners on mattress surface: Your memory foam mattress is ergonomically designed to offer the best posture while you lie down. Using room freshener on the mattress surface can harm the quality of mattress-foam.
  • Use Naphthalene Balls: You can use Naphthalene balls under the mattresses to control bed bug infestations and other microbial growth during monsoons.
  • Following the aforementioned tips, you can make your mattresses monsoon-ready and enjoy the season without glitches. However, it is important that you keep a well-planned mattress care regime throughout the rainy season to get clean and bacteria-free mattresses that ensure optimum relaxation and rejuvenation while you take a comfy nap at your cozy den!

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