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Dream Interpretation Falling

Dream Interpretation – Falling

Those magical visions during slumber which we call dreams often carry hidden meanings as they say. We have all had a dream at some point of falling, where we awake just before hitting the ground. But, what does falling really mean in our dreams?  Let’s dive into this dream interpretation The generic argument made with …

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food dreaming

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Food?

The Oxford dictionary defines dreams as a series of thoughts, images, and sensations that occur in one’s mind during slumber. Through the years of human civilization, there have been a host of philosophies, scientific research, and spiritual explanations of dreaming. All of which have their own interesting interpretations. Additionally, the age-old question of what dreams …

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beautiful woman dreaming in sleep

What is Dream Interpretation

We all dream, have different types of dreams and at varying effects. While everyone dreams, it is not necessary that we all remember our dreams. However, there is a lot that remains unknown in this field and scientists are still trying to find answers.  What are dreams? Dreams are basically images, thoughts or feelings that …

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