Comparison of Livpure’s Mattresses

You already know that Livpure’s huge range of world class mattresses are not only top of the shelf, they are also the best available in the market. But we would like to give your more reasons to explore Livpure mattresses in detail. Let us read about all the mattresses in detail- so that memory foam mattress, latex mattress or a hybrid one- you know what you get from what you buy!

Vital: 5 Inch Reversible Foam Mattress

With super-soft and comfortable foam on one side and high-density resilient foam on the other, the Vital mattress is the best of both worlds. Get maximum support and be assured of utmost comfort on both sides of your bed with this reversible mattress. It comes with a breathable outer fabric, which is removable and washable for your convenience. It is also layered with anti-skid fabric so that it does not slip off your bed. 

Foam type

These mattresses has two kinds of foam- one side it is medium-soft for a cushiony and snuggly feel and on the other side it is a hard high resilience foam layer for people who like to sleep on harder surfaces. This reversible mattress comes with both so that you can flip between what and when you want. 

Outer cover

It has a removable spacer fabric outer cover- for easy cleaning. You can remove it and wash it for better upkeep of the mattress. The spacer fabric cover also increases the breathability of the fabric and soaks in vibrations- to keep you cool all night. This mattress hence can be used comfortably in warmer climates as well. 

The Livpure advantage

This is the most diverse yet pocket friendliest option in the market, and Livpure brings this to you right to your doorstep. The mattress is delivered in a box for easy and quick transit. It also comes with a 100-day risk-free trial, 7 years warranty, and easy exchange options. 

Ortho-X: 6-inch memory foam mattress 

Wave bye to all your back and shoulder problems with this technologically sound orthopedic memory foam mattresses. It is designed to give you full back support and put you in deep calming sleep. This mattress contours your body perfectly to cure all your backaches. 

Foam type

This mattress consists of a cooling gel memory foam layer and a high resilience foam layer. The cooling gel memory foam layer increases the breathability of the mattress and suitability to warm Indian climates. The high resilience foam layer is there to give you a comfortable sleep yet cradling your body and not letting you sink in too deep. It also increases the longevity of the mattress and holds the structure together. 

Outer cover

This mattress also has a washable, removable breathable spacer fabric outer cover to give you a plush feel. It is skin-friendly for humans, as well as environment friendly. This feature also helps to keep the mattress cool and gives you a non-sweaty sleep. 

The advanced version of the same mattress comes with a bamboo fiber outer cover for more breathability, longevity, and environmental friendliness. This fabric is antibacterial and, moisture-wicking and odorless for an elevated, allergy-free sleep. 

The Livpure advantage

This ortho memory foam mattresses comes with a 10-year warranty so that you can sleep without any worries. It can be customized according to your preference of size or the size of the bed. 

Regal: 8-inch memory foam and latex mattress

You can get maximum comfort with our state of the art Regal mattress specially made to offer you premium support. With the cool gel foam on the top and a latex and High-density memory foam layer as well, sleep like a baby every night. There are two types- basic and advanced. 

Foam type

The basic Regal mattress has 1 inch of cool gel memory foam, 1-inch latex mattress layer, and 6 inches of High resilience foam layer, while the advanced version has been made to elevate the level of comfort with 1.5 inches of cooling gel memory foam mattress layer, 1.5 inch of latex and 5 inches of High resilience foam layer. The regal mattress is made just for the regal sleep you deserve. 

Outer cover

While the basic version of the Regal mattress has a Kooltex fabric outer cover for the protection of the mattress as well as to keep you cool, the advanced version has a Cooltouch fabric cover to one-up the game. Experience the peak of pure, deep sleep with ultimate cool-to-touch snooze innovation. Experience the fabrics being 1 degree cooler than anything else- perfect for warm Indian climates. 

The Livpure advantage

Livpure’s Latex mattress is perforated perfectly to enable cooling so that the mattress does not heat up. It also resists allergens and keeps you as well as the mattress safe. The Regal Mattress is not only human friendly, but it is also planet-friendly. Livpure provides a 10-year warranty on the mattress as well as a 100-day risk-free trial for you to choose only the mattress that suits you the best. 

Naturale: 6/8 inch ayurvedic foam mattress

Want to be environmentally conscious for the future of the planet? Go organic with the mattress engineered and manufactured by Livpure with all-natural materials from Kerala. Made from chemical-free memory foam, the mattress comes with sandalwood infused latex and also a natural latex layer to keep the mattress safe from dust mites and bacteria. 

Foam type

The 6 inch Naturale mattress has a natural memory foam mattress layer along with a natural latex mattress layer for perfect breathability. The 8-inch version has an added sandalwood infused latex layer for the best of comfort. This mattress is made for the ultimate comfort while being one with nature. What more, this mattress is not only extremely planet-friendly, it is also very human friendly because it is made with natural materials and is hypoallergenic, dust repellent, and cooling. You do not have to worry about sleeping on it because it is 100% natural. 

Outer cover

Be the closest to your nature by sleeping in your bedroom with an herb-infused excel outer cover that is easily removable and washable and protects your mattress against dust, mites, and animal dander. 

The Livpure advantage

This mattress is completely crafted in India and Livpure has a patent-pending technology in production. This mattress has a 5-year warranty and 100 days risk-free trial just so that you get suited to the mattress without having worries. 

Before you go to bed…

You should not believe what we say, you should buy one and use one to understand the quality of the products Livpure has engineered and manufactured with modern technology and years of research. Visit the websiteto know more! 

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