Month: October 2021

boiling water

Difference Between Boiled and Purified Water

Boiling the water to kill off germs has been a common practice for centuries. It is considered one of the best ways to ensure drinking water safety at home. However, with time, the pollutants that enter water supplies have changed and there is a need for better water filtration techniques. Today, we are going to …

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water filters

What Purification Capacity means in Water Purifiers?

When we talk about water purifiers feature we discuss things like filtration technique used, materials and size, storage tank capacity and average life of the filters. But one feature that is often overlooked or not understood by the general buyer is purification capacity. In today’s post, we will be summarizing RO purifier features and explain …

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Horrors of Parasomnias

In parasomnias, there are unexpected and unpleasant bodily sensations that cause sleep disruption. These are disturbing for you and the ones who share a bed with you. It causes conflict between people and can result in poor sleep quality.  What is Parasomnias? Undesirable behaviours that people experience before sleeping are known as Parasomnias. These behaviours …

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Women suffering from sleep disorder

10 Scary Sleep Disorders

Wasn’t sleep supposed to be peaceful? Yet when you experience sleep disorders, getting rest is the last thing on your mind. Catching on to a good night’s sleep might be tricky when you have a sleep disorder. Here we have curated a list of the “10 most terrifying sleep disorders” one encounters due to several …

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